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FOIDForm of Identification
FOIDFirearms Owner Identification
FOIDFace of Invoice Discount
FOIDFirst Out in Default (lending terms)
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IDHS then cross-references persons to the Illinois State Police (ISP) FOID database for matches, which are then reported to the ISP.
Even if the defendant possessed a valid FOID card, that fact would not necessarily dispel fear for officer safety.
David Reis is cosponsoring a bill to "protect the privacy rights of FOID Card holders by prohibiting state or local law enforcement agencies from disclosing lists of information pertaining to FOID Card holders or applicants," The Carmi Times reports.
He also signed an order allowing O'Shea to retrieve two pistols and 49 other guns from the Wheaton Police Department, once his FOID card is reinstated by the Illinois State Police.
House of Representatives expressed strong opposition to the release of the list, pointing out that "by releasing FOID cardholder information, it would also be made public who does not own a firearm.
It should carry with it the verifiable obligation to responsibly use such a weapon; not just simply have a FOID card and a wallet full of money to buy a gun.
When InterMedia Outdoors moved the offices of Guns & Ammo from Los Angeles, California, to Peoria, Illinois, we all received a detailed letter explaining that there was no grace period on owning firearms while waiting for the state officials in Springfield to get around to issuing our FOID cards.
Sonnefeldt agreed, adding he supports three bills being brought up in Springfield this week that would require the licensing of gun dealers, raising to 21 the age for purchasing an assault rifle and the red flag law that would enable a family member to get a judge's order to revoke the FOID card of a person showing signs of mental instability.
An Illinois Senate committee this week advanced two gun measures -- one requiring that anyone wanting to buy prepackaged explosives have a FOID card.
HB 4218 & HB 4855 -- The Illinois FOID Card Act requires hospitals to report mental health admissions to DHS, who in turn provide the information to the State Police.
The investigation resulted in the arrest of Charles Scott Hargett, 57, of Thompsonville on a charge of possessing firearm ammunition without a valid FOID card.
As a condition of his bond, O'Shea was ordered to turn in all his weapons, ammunition, FOID card and concealed carry permit to Wheaton police.