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For this fell purpose he had backed the astounded De Vac twice around the hall when, with a clever feint, and backward step, the master of fence drew the King into the position he wanted him, and with the suddenness of lightning, a little twist of his foil sent Henry's weapon clanging across the floor of the armory.
As the blow fell the wiry Frenchman clicked his heels together, and throwing down his foil, he stood erect and rigid as a marble statue before his master.
Come, my gentlemen," he said, "methought that we were to have a turn with the foils this morning.
In charge of it was the lean, grizzled, leatherskinned Sir Jules de Vac, and it was he whom Henry commanded to face him in mimic combat with the foils, for the King wished to go with hammer and tongs at someone to vent his suppressed rage.
Unlike some other inkjet systems that print metallic ink to provide a foil-like effect, Domino's digital cold foil solution is based on conventional metallic foil to provide a higher quality finish and enable the use of security and decorative holographic images within the foil.
Aluminum foil packaging material is a part of the flexible packaging material and is basically produced using aluminum sheets.
APT Foils is celebrating the one-year milestone of its Polish distribution centre, which has seen a significant increase in turnover, as well as continued sales growth month on month.
Alternative stencil mounting technology involves a reusable metal foil mounted to a reusable master frame, tensioning by either pneumatic bladder or a multitude of levers and springs.
Firstly the report describes the background knowledge of Etched Foil, including Etched Foil (High and Low Voltage Etched Foil) Concepts Classification production process technical parameters; then statistics Global and China 12 Manufacturers Etched Foil product 2010-2016 Capacity production cost price production value Gross margins and other relevant data, statistics these enterprises Etched Foil products, customers, raw materials, company background information, then summary statistics and analysis the relevant data of these enterprises.
Since last year we have developed a new foil setup that we hope will enable us take the boat in to new dimensions and overcome the cavitation challenge, says Paul Larsen, Project Manager and pilot of the Vestas Sailrocket 2.
The Birmingham office of the law firm advised aluminium-rolling and recycling business Novelis on the sale of its confectionary foil packaging business in Bridgnorth to Discovery Foils.