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FOIPFreedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (Canada)
FOIPFax Over Internet Protocol
FOIPFind Out in Play (gaming)
FOIPFallout Interoperability Program (video game development)
FOIPFuture of Iraq Project (US State Department)
FOIPFreedom of Information Panel
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Freeswitchservice's FoIP solution makes the use of fax equipment redundant and integrates seamlessly into existing IT infrastructure allowing greater control at reduced costs.
Prior to using the FoIP system, the sheriff's office had been paying for 15 dedicated fax lines, but now fax shares the same circuits as voice through the gateway.
If you believe your agency may be affected by the FOIP Act, there are at least four actions you ought to consider.
Information about school students is governed by the School Act and regulations under that Act as well as the FOIP Act.
In the market for FoIP servers, the fact that the health vertical has so much outside pressure to move to forms of secure email is what will really hamstring the industry.
XMediusFAX is one of the most secure, reliable and scalable Enterprise FoIP solutions available in the market today.
OceanFax FoIP is the global pioneering and one of Asia's first boardless (software only) Fax over IP solutions (FoIP).
Access to this information is governed not by the School Act, but by the FOIP Act.
Her session titled, "Virtualization and Fax over IP for the IBM i Enterprise," will highlight FoIP as the next logical step for organizations looking to save money and simplify their management of fax, allowing enterprises to improve server utilization, add flexibility and cut costs, all while streamlining document output management.
based, accessible, responsive and trained specifically to help Telco SPs with the latest FoIP server technology?
FOIP is generally viewed as offering a higher level of privacy protection and more restrictions on sharing personal information.