FOKAFinans/Offentlig Kontor Administration (Danish: Finance/Public Office and Administration)
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A bronze jar with six gold coins dating back to the period of the Byzantine Emperor Fokas (602-610) was found in one of the levels.
Since 2 May, the Greek frigate Nikiforos Fokas has been added to the list of vessels making up the European naval force.
Anagnostou, Dia (2006): "Development, discrimination and reverse discrimination: the effects of EU integration and regional change on the Muslims of Southeast Europe", in Aziz al Ahmet and Effie Fokas (eds.
Fokas Mjema, Nicole Natoli, Cheryl Reiber, Meara Sabin, Matthew Sanfilippo, Eric Traub, Emily Werner, Jessica Young.
The biggest quantity of rainfall in January was recorded in Stavros tis Fokas with 278 millimeters, Platania with 258 and Prodromos 247, all mountainous areas.
Certainly the bulk of the work had been done by our team leader Arnoldas Fokas who would make all the necessary arrangements well in advance.
which is derived by Fokas [2] in the process of extending the integrable Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (KP) and Davey-Stewartson (DS) equations to some new higher-dimensional nonlinear wave equations.
For his part, Ambassador Fokas expressed gratitude to the efforts exerted by Iraq's Foreign Ministry to make his task in Iraq successful.
Being a veteran and widely respected poet, Nikos Fokas can now afford to play with poetic subjects and forms showing his great talent.
President of the community council Lefteris Fokas strongly condemned the actions, expressing his concern and saying he and the community hoped nothing similar would happen to other cemeteries in the region.