FOKALFoundation for Knowledge and Liberty (Open Society Institute)
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FOKAL supports themes for study and provides materials for its nearly three dozen libraries.
We also had a literary contest among all our libraries," said Mark Jean-Baptiste, a FOKAL library trainer and one of the judges.
Eight of the FOKAL libraries, many of which are in the Port-au-Prince area, participate in a program in which enthusiastic youth participate in regional debate tournaments.
When FOKAL supports a library, it provides a small budget: 80 percent for staff salaries--usually a director and two or three employees--and money for supplies and books.
A CD player, TV monitor, and multimedia materials are also part of the standard equipment FOKAL helps to supply.
Sometimes FOKAL is called upon for money for special events or emergencies--help with the rent or replacement batteries for inverters for electricity.
For borrowing books, FOKAL requires membership, with a nominal fee required depending on the area and income of the residents; for children, the annual fee is 25 to 50 gourdes, or between (US)$0.
FOKAL responded by hiring staff and creating a summer day camp at the Monique Calixte Library in downtovn Port-au-Prince and the library in Haiti's fourth largest city, Les Cayes, in the south.
The largest of the FOKAL libraries, it has over 3,000 active members and 15,000 volumes.