FOPAFiber-Optical Parametric Amplification
FOPAFraternal Order of Police Associates
FOPAFormula One Promotions and Administration
FOPAFaculty of Performing Arts (Banaras Hindu University)
FOPAFriends of the Performing Arts (Marblehead High School)
FOPAFirearm Owners' Protection Act of 1986
FOPAFestival of Performing Arts
FOPAFestival of Pacific Arts (est. 1972)
FOPAForfeiture of Property Act (various locations)
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Additionally, to the above mentioned factors, stimulated Raman scattering can severely impact the performance of a dual-pump FOPA.
This logical underpinning leads to the conclusion that the First Amendment presumptively covers physician speech and, furthermore, that physician speech should be subject to intermediate scrutiny--a level of scrutiny that FOPA cannot meet.
FOPA also defined "engaging in the firearms business" as
As previously noted, David Hardy explains that the federal machine gun ban was added to FOPA with only minutes left in the allotted time for debate, essentially foreclosing the chance for any such debate to actually occur.
In addition to the two primary challenges, the defendant also raised arguments based on the legislative history of FOPA.
As it was mentioned previously, there are 2 main goals of this research--investigation of impact of FOPA pump phase modulation and of polarization dependence of the FOPA provided gain on the generated idler spectral components.
By comparison, prior to FOPA, only licensed firearms manufacturers, importers, and dealers were authorized to transfer ammunition to unlicensed persons.
322) Knox had refused Carter's order to negotiate with the White House over FOPA, believing that Reagan's 1980 endorsement of FOPA meant that the White House should not attempt to weaken or change it.
An overnight stop, or even a brief detour on the way to the airport, can negate the FOPA protections.