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Thus having estimated the FOPDT model parameters of the process P, we can find the retuning parameters of the feedback controller.
The FOPDT model parameters of P are exactly the ones derived by Veronesi and Visioli (2011).
In order for the resulting FOPDT model to be feasible, [mathematical expression not reproducible] should be real and positive.
So far, a comprehensive method has been presented to compute the entire set of stabilizing PID controller parameters for a FOPDT model.
In the previous development, a FOPDT model has been assumed, as shown in (5).
The FOPDT assumption was also justified from the typical delayed exponential response to steps obtained for all variables with the Aspen Plus dynamic simulator of the distillation column.
Each one of the step response coefficients is a function of the reflux ratio RR and the boil-up rate Q because each one of the FOPDT model parameters, i.
Table 2: Transfer functions for five linearised regions: Region SOPDT FOPDT I [0.