FOPIFederal Office of Private Insurance (Switzerland; aka BPV, OFAP, UFAP)
FOPIFlux of Pink Indians (band)
FOPIFamily Ov Psychick Individuals (fan group)
FOPIFinding of Public Interest (Virginia Department of Transportation)
FOPIFriends of Parks Inc. (South Australia)
FOPIFrontiers of Perception Institute (Learning Innovations Foundation; Seattle, WA)
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In the first experiment, a sinusoidal speed and sinusoidal direction angle references are chosen for testing FOPI and PI controllers.
In this paper, an experimental study on the application of FOPI controller to a four-wheel skid-steering mobile platform under the different references was presented.
Creo que las publicaciones que tienen una personalidad definida, que no se parecen tanto a otras, dependen mucho de cierta especie de dictador amable que es el director y los editores con los que trabaja" (apud CAF y FOPI, 2006: 148).
It can be shown that the following formulation is equivalent to this definition of TC (see FOPI, 2006):
1])', is assumed to be multivariate normally distributed with individual means of zero and the variance--covariance matrix [SIGMA] (see FOPI, 2004):
FOPI (2006) describes the scenarios as events that occur with a low frequency but have a severe impact on the risk-bearing capital of an insurance company.
C, which equals the probability-weighted average of the individual distributions (see FOPI, 2006):
Furthermore, investment limits have been retrieved from the applicable regulatory directives (see FOPI, 2008).
The sensitivities of RBC are its partial derivatives with regard to the risk factors (see FOPI, 2006),
9) For a discussion of valid approaches to the market-consistent valuation of insurance liabilities, refer to FOPI (2004).
13) Through this assumption, potential scenario-induced deformations of the distribution, such as changes in skewness and kurtosis, are ignored (see FOPI, 2006).