FORBAForschungs- und Beratungsstelle Arbeitswelt (Vienna, Austria)
FORBAFlorida Off Road Bicycle Association (land use issues)
FORBAFamily Off-Road Bicycling Association (Strasburg, VA)
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For FORBA the downside was more pervasive but crucially was mediated by sectoral specificities, local labour market conditions and the politics of place.
Todd Cruse, vice president of development and government affairs for FORBA, said in an interview that last year there was a total of 697,000 patient visits at Small Smiles clinics around the country.
We are proud to support the Washington Nationals 'Bring a Smile to Haiti' program," said FORBA Chairman and CEO Michael G.
The Nationals organization recognizes the great need for toothbrushes in Haiti, and we are thankful to FORBA and Small Smiles for their generous contributions.
The Patient Advocate is also a key member of the FORBA compliance department and a member of FORBA's compliance committee.
Newberry joins FORBA from Universal Health Services of Nashville where she was Tennessee Continuum Director and served on various policy committees established by the Tennessee Department of Children's Services.
In 2007, we established our Pediatric Dental Board to help keep our dental centers at the forefront of new care initiatives and treatment standards," said Michael Lindley, Chairman and CEO of FORBA.
At a time when many families have been affected by a loss of income and other hardships, we are going to continue to engage communities with vital care and education initiatives," said FORBA Chairman and CEO Michael G.
Steven Adair, DDS, MS, Chief Dental Officer of FORBA and faculty member of the Medical College of Georgia.
We are proud of the nationwide efforts of these caregivers during Dental Health Month," said FORBA Chief Dental Officer Dr.
FORBA was founded with a commitment to high-quality dental care for children from low-income families," said Michael Lindley, Chairman and CEO of FORBA, which was acquired in September 2006.
Adair's appointment follows several recent initiatives launched by FORBA, including: