FORCENetUS Navy enterprise network
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FORCEnet is an operational construct and informational architecture that integrates warriors, sensors, networks, command and control, platforms and weapons into a network-distributed combat force.
FORCEnet, an operational construct and architectural framework for naval warfare, will integrate sensors, weapons, networks, and platforms to give commanders more accurate battlespace awareness and information dominance.
Navy's FORCEnet initiative, he was involved heavily in the development of system engineering processes and methodologies.
15) FORCEnet was clearly the next step in the evolution of the Navy's networking capabilities.
As future releases occur, the DON EA will support the system engineering technical review and FORCEnet consolidated compliance checklist processes.
Other components are the Navy's FORCEnet and the Air Force's C2 Constellation.
The Deep Siren technology is critical to the US Navy's first-generation of Undersea Forcenet communications equipment and will provide real-time communication at speed and depth regardless of the sub's profile.
Blanco, USN, (Gold Star in Lieu of Second Award), Program Executive Office, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence and Space, PMW-150 Support Command and Control, Assistant Program Manager for Naval Tactical Command Support System, Composeable FORCENET, and Theater Medical Information Program-Maritime, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, San Diego, Calif.
The platform will also play a key role in the Navy's FORCEnet architecture via development of the common undersea picture.
LandWarNet is the Army counterpart to the Air Force's ConstellationNet and the Navy's enterprise network of the FORCENet.
Briefings will include Air Force Constellation Command and Control (TBMCS, Paul Revere, MC2A/E-10A, 601st C2 Test Squadron, GCCS); Navy FORCEnet (Harry Buffalo); Army Future Combat Systems; and the Global Information Grid.
FORCEnet will also play a central role in realizing this vision by moving the Navy closer to realizing the full potential of network-centric warfare.