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FORIForest Research Institute (Philippines)
FORIForeign Oil Related Income
FORIFluency-Oriented Reading Instruction (teaching method)
FORIFellowship of Reconciliation India (est. 1950)
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The JazzCash is enabling Fori Mazdoori to setup walk-in worker registration points at more than 10,000 outlets starting with Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Sialkot.
Musstanser Tinauli, CEO and founder - Fori Mazdoori.
Taxes imposed on FORI were subject to special rules recharacterizing them as noncreditable deductible expenses to the extent that the foreign law imposing the FORI taxes was structured or operated so that the amount of tax imposed with respect to FORI would be materially greater than the amount of taxes imposed on other types of income.
What trends are you seeing forI digital marketing involving smartphones?
64) Thus his latest survey shows that in both contract and tort, or in at least one of these fields, only fourteen states adhere to traditional rules; twenty-eight states have adopted the Second Restatement; six use the significant contacts methodology; two use governmental interest analysis; two use lex fori theories, five use better law theory and ten use a combination of modern methodologies.
1 Reglamento Roma II, al disponerse que resultara de aplicacion <<Sin perjuicio del articulo 4, apartado 2>>, contempla la posibilidad de aplicar la ley de la residencia habitual comun a las partes, tal y como se recoge en el referido precepto (70); algo que conduciria normalmente a aplicar la lex fori.
The group, which has been accompanied by the responsible of the company's showroom in Rome as well as a representative from the iGuzzini HQ in Recanati, Italy, has had the chance to explore not only some archaeological and cultural masterpieces, such as the Fori Romani, which has been for centuries the centre of Roman public life; the Trinita' dei Monti Church; and the Auditorium della Musica, as well as some contemporary and cutting-edge projects such as the Class outlet in the central Via Nazionale.
The UMS team comprising Ghalib Al Fori and me got to road test the Continental GT V8 S all the way from Shangri-La to The Cave Restaurant.
WH are forI be In the States colouring in has become quite the cool pasttime for the quirky kids.
The case had been reported by the family of Fori, 55 at the time, who carried out their own genetic tests after doubts were raised over the number of fillings in his teeth.
En el momento actual, la cuestion, conocida como derogatio fori, queda en manos de la ley interna del Estado miembro ante el que se presenta la demanda.
arbitral award or grant interim measures, lex fori is applicable.