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FORTRANFormula Translation/Translator (high-level programming language)
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Originally FORTRAN standard used a fixed source text format, and beginning with FORTRAN 90 version, it is modified: free source code format, as well as the more than one variable set in each row.
Developed by NIST, f90gl is a public-domain implementation of the FORTRAN 90 bindings for OpenGL, which also were developed by NIST and adopted by the OpenGL Architecture Review Board.
FORTRAN has long been considered the language for scientific and engineering computations.
4) In order to pass ordinary FORTRAN source files through the processor without modification the routine IORDLN was altered to insert a $(CDIR)END sequence into the CLINE buffer upon reaching and end of file.
It is related to other distributed-memory compilation systems such as AL [33], CM FORTRAN [32], C* [29], DATAPARALLEL C [13], DINO [30], MIMDIZER [15], PANDORE [2], PARAGON [9], and SPOT [31], but mostly builds on the following research projects.