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FOSFactory Outlet Store (retail)
FoSFestival of Speed
FOSFinancial Ombudsman Service (UK)
FOSFriends of Scouting
FOSFructo-Oligosaccharides (nutrional supplement)
FOSFaculty of Science (various universities)
FOSField of Search (sensor management systems)
FOSFreedom of the Seas (Royal Caribbean cruise ship)
FOSFrançais sur Objectifs Spécifiques (French: French for Specific Purposes)
FoSField of Study
FOSFundamental Operating System
FOSFactor Of Safety
FOSFamily of Systems
FOSFrom Outer Space
FOSFigure of Speech
FOSFaint Object Spectrograph
FOSfree/open source
FOSFlorida Ornithological Society
FOSFeat of Strength
FOSFree Online Scholarship (newsletter)
FOSFrench Onion Soup
FOSFree Alongside Ship
FOSFree Overnight Shipping
FOSFiber Optic Sensor
FOSFederation of Workers Trade Unions (Haiti)
FOSFriend of the Sea (Sustainable Seafood)
FOSFlorida Orthopaedic Society
FOSField Operations Supervisor (Census)
FOSFoundations of Science (journal; course)
FOSFamily of Schools
FOSForward Operating Site (US military)
FOSFirst of Season (birding)
FOSFabric Operating System (Brocade)
FOSFlight Operations System
FOSFellowship of the Sun (fictitious religious organization; True Blood; TV show)
FOSFuel Oil Supply
FOSFront Office System (software)
FOSFreedom of Services (EU)
FOSFaint Object Spectrometer
FOSFree On Steamer
FOSFinger of Suspicion
FOSFish Odor Syndrome
FOSFlight Operation Segment
FOSFull of Stool (medical slang)
FOSFollow On Support
FOSFull of Stuff (polite form)
FOSFlorida Oceanographic Society
FOSFull Operational Status
FOSFall Of Shot
FOSFrinton on Sea (Essex, UK)
FOSFirst on Scene (first aid)
FOSFoot of Slope (change of gradient)
FoSFocus on Solving
FoSFriends of Science Society (Calgary, AB, Canada)
FoSFollowers of Set (roleplaying)
FOSFire Of Savannas
FOSFreedom of Speech, Inc
FOSFeature of Size (geometric dimensioning)
FOSFeet on Street (India)
FOSFuel Operator Station
FOSFound On Shelf
FOSFollow on Sustainment
FOSFollow On Spares
FOSFlight Operations Software
FOSFailure of Selection (US DoD)
FOSFuel Oil Spill
FOSFrosts of Sweden (knife manufacturer)
FOSFather Over Shoulder
FOSFast Optical Shutter
FOSFull Operating System
FOSFeasibility of Support
FOSFit or Split
FOSForward Observer Software/System
FOSFleet Ordnance Support
FOSFunky Old Soul
FOSFollow On Ship
FOSFinancial Operations Supervisor
FOSformer owner's stamp (used books)
FOSFront Offside (vehicular collision reports)
FOSFriends of Suai
FOSFellowship of the Services
FOSFunctional Operational Specification
FOSField Operation Service
FOSFederatie voor Open Scoutisme (Dutch: Federation for Open Scouting; Belgium)
FOSFinkel-Biskis-Jinkins murine Osteogenicsarcoma (cancer research)
FOSForeign Owned Subsidiaries
FOSFocus on Standards
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In some cases, the delay caused by a FOS investigation leaves consumers facing a long wait for their case to be resolved.
The FOS received a total of 135,070 complaints in all - more than 742 a day - in the first half of 2012.
Students who have taken FOS have been very complimentary.
RPC says that uniquely under UK law, claims handled by the FOS are not subject to a maximum time limit so this change could expose IFAs to large compensation claims from activity that took place more than 15 years ago, by staff who might have left the company years ago.
This was true for both intubation of the trachea with the FOS through the sLMA and removal of the sLMA over the exchange catheter.
The founders and lead designers of F+M FOS are interior designers Fragiskos Bitros and Mania Soumoulidou.
The EMF task breakdown was evident: Charlie Company would secure the force, Headquarters and Headquarters Company would build and sustain the FOS, and the battalion headquarters would provide C4ISR and liaison to the task force.
Inulin and FOS can be added to nonfat yogurt at levels beneficial to the host while also improving certain functional properties.
The FOS is described as reflecting Bowen's (1978) and Framo's (1976) view of psychological health as stemming from family environments that are nurturant and supportive while simultaneously promoting individual autonomy.
Down on the fish farm, standards set forth by FOS must be maintained to produce only the finest finished product.
Clients unhappy with the outcome can ask FOS to review the advice they received.