FOSCFrequency of Oscillator
FOSCFort Scott National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
FOSCFiber Optic Splice Closure
FOSCFeuille Officielle Suisse du Commerce (Swiss government's Official Gazette of Commerce)
FOSCFederal On-Scene Commander
FOSCFederal On-Scene Coordinators
FOSCFriends of Studham Common (UK)
FOSCFree/Open Source Community
FOSCFlag Officer Steering Committee
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Guide to Acronyms Dominate To have a commanding influence on the matter at hand NCP National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan found at 40 CFR Part 300 FOSC Federal On-Scene Coordinator, designated representative of the response agency with authority to assess, monitor and direct response activities RP Responsible Party, identified as responsible for the release and associated activities and costs OSRO Oil Spill Response Organization NIMS National Incident Management System; the standard for incident management used by federal, state, tribal and local responders to coordinate and conduct response activities in the U.
The NIC's role expanded beyond that of a traditional FOSC, to include resolving public health and seafood safety concerns and claims adjudication.
The UAC included the USCG as the FOSC and representatives from federal agencies, affected states, and the responsible party.
Each IC also was empowered with FOSC representative authorities and could authorize removal activities.
A core mission of the NPFC is to administer the disbursement and ensure proper use of the Emergency Fund, so that the FOSC can immediately respond to a discharge or monitor prompt and effective cleanup activities by the responsible party.
answer questions from the FOSC on Pollution Removal Funding Authorizations (non-DoD agencies) and Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (DoD agencies);
More than BD10,000 was raised on the day towards FOSC funds.