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FOSHUFoods for Specified Health Use (Japan)
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Sales routes of FOSHU products changed slightly over the years, and the internet is the most frequently used marketing media.
Metabolic Syndrome Ingredients and Products: The MHLW has decided that the emphasis on prevention of metabolic syndrome risk factors needs to be adjusted and possibly formalized in the FOSHU regulations.
The conversion of these popular yogurts to FOSHU status instantly added several hundred million dollars of sales to the already-growing FOSHU regulatory category.
The delay in the "anti-fatigue" FOSHU category approval is expected to also slow down a less-formal but parallel effort to develop science in support of FOSHU status for immune function enhancement.
The delay in the FOSHU Anti-Fatigue category approval may result in a slowdown in additional clinical research and biomarker development, however.
FOSHU products contain ingredients such as oligosaccharides and dietary fibres believed to confer health benefits.
Under their system, the term 'functional' was actually dropped and the term "Foods for Specific Health Use," or FOSHU, was introduced.
The least complicated English language definition is that FOSHU foods are "Foods for specified health uses .
In Japan, companies are also running into problems with health claims, particularly as they relate to the long-admired FOSHU (Foods for Specified Health Use.
Cantox has a lot of experience in this area and will be able to assist food and food ingredient companies gain FOSHU approval in Japan.
In Japan, there are several products designed for people who monitor their blood glucose levels under the FOSHU (Foods for Specified Health Use) program.
The conference also heard on a number of aspects of functional foods, including presentations on FOSHU (Foods for Specific Health Use) in Japan, functional ingredients in Malaysian foods, flavonols and prebiotics.