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FOSHUFoods for Specified Health Use (Japan)
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An important distinction in Japan that was agreed early on is that FOSHU products must be in food form, and not in tablet or capsule form like most dietary supplements.
In other words, foodstuffs are classified into three categories under the current system: FOSHU, FNFC and Food Products including "so-called health food.
Among the criteria for FOSHU are that the product must have a clear medical and health benefit and that the amount for consumption should be based on medical and nutritional knowledge.
FOSHU Update: The Japan Health hood and Nutrition Food Association (JHNFA) issued in May of this year its annual overview of the regulatory framework and a brief profile of the market.
Approved as FOSHU by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare
As things currently stand, the regulatory environment for nutricosmetics is more favorable in Japan, where an established system is in place for the approval of functional foods and nutricosmetics--called FOSHU (Food for Specified Health Use).
It may also have specific relevance to Japan and its FOSHU regulatory framework.
FOSHU represents a category of products--distinctly separate from medical drugs--that target people with generally mild symptoms, below the threshold for drug intervention.
5 billion (JPY 362 billion) FOSHU market (the portion of the functional food market that makes regulator-approved health claims) and 34% of the non-approved functional foods business.
Market Analysis III-36 Current & Future Analysis III-36 Outlook III-36 Functional Foods and Drinks Market III-36 Growth Drivers III-37 Functional Beverages Brim in Japan III-37 Eyeing the Leaders - Next Best Target for Japanese Food Makers III-38 Functional Drinks - Under a Spate of Bother III-38 Regulatory Environment III-38 Definition III-38 FOSHU (Foods For Specified Health Uses) III-38 FOSHU Approved Functional Food Products III-38 Product Launches/Developments III-39 Strategic Corporate Developments III-40 Yakult Honsha Co.
Launches Healthya[R] Water, the First Sports Drink Approved as FOSHU II-43 Amino Vital Launches Amino Vital Fit Bars II-44 Clif Bar & Co.
The relatively well-known FOSHU (Foods for Specified Health Uses or "Tokuho" in Japanese) regulatory system was initially met with harsh resistance from pharmaceutical companies in the early 1990s--and the fight continued on well after the first two FOSHU products were approved in mid-1995.