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FOSSFree and Open Source Software
FOSSFree / Open-Source Software
FOSSFull Option Science System
FOSSFiber-Optic Sensor System
FOSSForum of Small States (UN)
FOSSFollow-On System Stock
FOSSFiber Optics Sonar System
FOSSFaculty Online Support Service
FOSSField Operated Support System (immigration database; Canada)
FOSSFederal Intelligence Security Service
FOSSFamily Of System Study
FOSSFaculty of Social Science
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Since the original Foss filing, I have categorically denied any, and all, allegations to the court.
Foss has a well established track record of designing and manufacturing high performance, customised fibre optic products.
For more information about FoSS, its membership scheme and activities email Keith at keithds@btinternet.
It is undeniable that FOSS has some advantages over proprietary and pirated software.
Foss is described as standing 6 feet tall and weighing 215 pounds.
He said the program will provide incubation services in the areas of finance, management and strategic support to companies that employ FOSS technologies, establish a digital library with open content and open access resources, and collaborate in introducing the concept of FOSS in the IT curricula.
He revealed that just one hour before his death Mr Foss had rescued four people stranded after a boating accident.
Mr Foss will take up his role as CEO of Texon on the 1st of December this year.
For software to be considered FOSS, it should satisfy a number of criteria.
Foss has divided his book into eleven chapters, each of which is structured in an explicitly dialectical manner giving rise to one or more 'Theses'.
In 1986, Foss (then 16) gave birth to her first baby and vowed never to have children again, after about ten years she changed her mind and gave birth to her second son.
FOSS dairy market manager, Dorthe Bisgaard said: "The approach is a powerful tool for tackling milk adulteration, whether this occurs by accident or on purpose.