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FOSSFree and Open Source Software
FOSSFree / Open-Source Software
FOSSFull Option Science System
FOSSFiber-Optic Sensor System
FOSSForum of Small States (UN)
FOSSFollow-On System Stock
FOSSFiber Optics Sonar System
FOSSFaculty Online Support Service
FOSSField Operated Support System (immigration database; Canada)
FOSSFederal Intelligence Security Service
FOSSFamily Of System Study
FOSSFaculty of Social Science
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Faus & Sujansky's report identifies a specific list of factors limiting FOSS in the EMR market from the perspective of the existing vendors and FOSS products, and prescribes actions that might help the FOSS effort to grow generally.
By the second day we had more then 15 locals working side-by-side with us," Foss added.
so there's good potential for growth," notes Foss, who says Russia and Turkey are his two fastest-growing beverage markets in terms of per capita consumption.
Many Baby Boomer business owners will be facing the same struggles as Foss and Rose as they eye retirement.
Foss still refused to cooperate, Slater said, and had stopped communicating with officers, so a window was broken and a robot camera was sent inside.
I resigned six months prior to the Foss bankruptcy filing to semi-retire.
Foss has been acquired from Skjelsbaek Invest AS, a Norwegian company which is wholly-owned by Runar Skjelsbaek, a director of Foss.
Over the past few years FoSS has been able to part-fund some of its projects and has purchased items of essential equipment.
FOSS is made available along the source code as a distinctive feature at no cost to the users.
It's a myth to say FOSS not used by big companies'- Dr Weerasinghe
In addition, two case studies from academic libraries in Zimbabwe demonstrate how librarians implemented FOSS solutions that allowed these libraries to meet patrons' needs and increased library usage.
The certification means that these FOSS channel partners now have the necessary skills to deploy, administer and support wireless network deployments in the UAE and the.