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FOTFallout Tactics (gaming)
FOTFeast of Tabernacles
FOTFollow-On Test
FOTFree On Truck
FOTFlight Operations Team
FOTFollow-on Operational Test
FOTFiber Optic Transceiver
FOTFall of Troy (band)
FOTFull of Them
FOTForced Oscillation Technique (epidemiology)
FOTFiber Optic Transmission
FOTFiber Optic Terminal (equipment)
FOTFrequency of Optimum Transmission
FOTFrequency of Optimum Traffic (ITS)
FOTFiber Optic Technology
FOTFriends of Tom
FOTFree of Tax
FOTForce on Target
FOTFollow-On Training
FOTFuel Oil Tank (maritime engineering)
FOTField Operations Test
FOTFirst of Type
FOTForm of Tender
FOTForecast Out Turn
FOTFriends of Togo
FOTFrench Overseas Territories
FOTForward Transfer (Message) (Signaling System #7)
FOTFollow-On Terminal
FOTFactory Outlet Trailers, Inc. (US and Canada)
FOTFriends of Ted
FOTFull Operational Test
FOTFull Open Throttle (engine)
FOTField Operation Table
FOTForce Options Testing
FOTFrequency-Only Tracking
FOTFriend of the Telescope
FOTFlash-Over Time
FOTFacilities Operations & Technology
FOTFællesoffentligt Geografisk Administrationsgrundlag (Copenhagen, Denmark)
FOTFirm Order Terms (reinsurance)
FOTFlight Observation Team
FOTFace-Offs Total (hockey)
FOTFifth-Order Theory
FOTFiber Optic Topology
FOTForward Observer Team
FOTFirst Off Tools (die or mold)
FOTfinger-operated touchscreen
FOTFriends of TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States; blog)
FOTFestival of Trees (various organizations)
FOTFountain of Tears (band)
FOTFirst-Order Test (qualitative research)
FOTFront Office Transaction (various locations)
FOTFantasy One Time (fantasy football)
FOTFuture of Tomorrow (youth-led organizing group; Brooklyn, NY)
FOTForum Oilfield Technology (Houston, TX)
FOTField of Testing (various organizations)
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The FOT noted the awkward 1999 handover and is expected to ease its start-up schedule for future Postbus AG challengers.
The RxT FOT, which is available in multiple wavelength combinations for testing single-mode and multi-mode fibers, features fiber optics characterization which records event location and identity for the fiber under test.
UNB has also been the platinum sponsor of the FOT for the past few years.
Firecomms' fully integrated transceiver RCLED-based 650 nm FOT and highly-sensitive receiver FOT have been designed into the POF port on the new MiAVo VDSL2 service provider gateway.
Announced today at the 1394 Trade Association 2nd Quarterly Meeting, Firecomms' RCLED-based 650 nm FOT solution provides a seamless digital media to red light conversion for performance at maximum speed in POF (plastic optical fiber) applications such as IEEE 1394b S200 and IDB-1394.
Firecomms Fast Ethernet FOT is rated for modulation of 250 Mbps and is ideal for 100 Mb Ethernet.
First RCLED-Based FOT to Receive MOST Certification
Representatives of SulphCo(R), and FOT Management were in Fujairah during October to review the progress of the project.
Specifically, the Board of Directors focused on the necessary construction of a crude oil pipeline between the FOT facility and the designated crude oil storage tanks.
DRESDEN, Germany, April 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Firecomms today introduces a fully integrated RCLED-based 650nm FOT (fiber optic transceiver) and highly-sensitive receiver FOT to fully conform to the IEEE 1394 and IDB-1394 Wake-on-LAN specifications.
CORK, Ireland, April 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Firecomms today announces the release of a fully integrated transceiver RCLED-based 650 nm FOT (fiber optic transceiver) and highly-sensitive receiver FOT that operates with IEEE 802.
Replacing the expensive FOT and associated fibre optic cables can be shown to reduce the cost of the overall network infrastructure by over 50 percent.