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FOTSFiber-Optic Transmission System
FOTSFellowship of the Spirit
FOTSFormal Techniques in Software Engineering
FOTSFeet on the Street (sales representatives)
FOTSFellowship of the Sun (fictional anti-Vampire group)
FOTSFriends of the Sea (marine preservation group)
FOTSFollow-On to SMAW (Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon)
FOTSFollow On Technical Support
FOTSForward Observer Training System (US DoD)
FOTSFemale of the Species (Usenet)
FOTSFor Old Time's Sake
FOTSFiber Optic Transmission Simulator
FOTSFriends of the Shop (Lakewood, CO)
FOTSFirst on the Scene (St John Ambulance textbook)
FOTSFriends of Tynemouth Station (UK)
FOTSFired on the Spot
FOTSFriends of Treetops School (UK)
FOTSFreak out the Squares (Newtown Square, PA)
FOTSFood on the Stove
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The theatre is currently in day to day operation, and showing 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,' " said FOTS President Tom Harris.
in Briscoe's entertaining sequel to FOTS list-maker RG.
Revenue for the three month period ended March 31, 1999 was $42,781,000 and was primarily derived from progress made in completing the Seattle-Portland segment of the Company's North American fiber optic Network and from construction services rendered to our parent, Ledcor, to complete the Canadian FOTS (Fiber Optic Transmission System).