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FOUPFriends of University Park (UK)
FOUPFront Opening Unified Pod
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By adding a FOUP loader and moving the Helios NanoLab 1200AT near-line, we can deliver first results many times faster than the hours or days typical when working with wafer pieces in a laboratory outside the fab.
During integrated circuit fabrication, a robotic arm extends into the FOUP to lift out each of the wafers for processing.
A built in wafer buffer in the unloader workcell provides capability to unload the processed wafer FOUP without interrupting the process tool.
This required that the Automated Wafer Handler integrated with the Dage 4300 Bump Test System would have an industry standard FOUP load port.
The standard ELAN SOI system includes two single station bond modules, a high-resolution IR inspection module, a central Material Handling Unit (MHU) with a robust wafer handling robot and precise prealigner, and two FOUP loadports - all within the smallest cleanroom footprint in the industry.
The FlexTRAK-WR system is available in two versions, one for processing wafers up to 200 mm in diameter in open cassettes or SMIF pods, and one for processing wafers up to 300 mm in diameter in FOUP pods.
Metryx also offers 300 mm FOUP configurations within the Mentor line of products.
The AL110-12 is FOUP and FOSB compatible and a superb solution for lower cost back-end inspection requirements.
While Entegris produced several royalty-generating patent licenses in the past, this is the first one on its 300 mm FOUP and FOSB wafer carrier portfolio.
For Rousseau to concede anything would be like swallowing poison to an intransigent man, whose fingerprints have been all over most of the recent foups in West Indies cricket including the infamous Test that never was earlier this year in his own island of Jamaica.
Such satire is hitting painfully close to home for Greece's security forces, involved in a series of high-profile foups including last week's fatal shooting of a Serbian teenager mistakenly identified as a purse snatcher.
Scotland captain Colin Montgomerie, battle-hardened veteran of previous Dunhill Cup foups against Paraguay and India, warned of the threat presented by China's emergence as a golfing nation.