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FOVField Of View
FOVField Of Vision
FOVFist of Vengeance (gaming)
FOVFamily Of Vehicles
FOVForward Observer Vehicle
FOVFlight Operations Version
FOVFiber Optic Vehicle
FOVForces of Valor (replicas; various locations)
FOVFindings of Violation (US EPA)
FOVFuture of Voice (International Telecommunication Union)
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Johns, Chief Innovator at Digital FOV, “we are excited about releasing the first consumer wearable rifle scope targeting device that is truly ground breaking in the gun industry.
But, I convinced myself that it was my error in capturing BHA because I had used too small a FOV and the inert rockets were simply difficult to pick up on the sensor after the fact.
2) The orthogonal complementary coded modulation technology has superior separation capabilities without interference, realizing both a high resolution and wide FOV simultaneously, even for a multiple radar configuration operating at the same frequency,.
As you can see in the camera performance data chart below, the relationship between a camera's lens FOV and infrared detection angle significantly impacts, its performance.
PTSD and TBI can drain a hero and family like nothing most people can imagine," said FOV Founder and President Director Brannan Vines.
One example of how FOV could save you money is its extensive range of Rauch German-made bedroom furniture, at its Aintree store.
With this research we are able to visualize and evaluate the total FOV of all sensors used in mean radiant temperature evaluation.
In a recent study, this theory was put to test by comparing two camera systems with a FOV ratio of nearly 1:4.
Because their images have constant magnification and geometry, tele-centric lenses are used for metrology applications, when an AOI system must determine the precise size of objects independently from their position within the FOV, and even when their distance is affected by some degree of unknown variations.
With the optical instrumentation used in the membrane microchip system described here, 1 FOV represents an area of 0.
Once you have your target in your FOV, focusing is accomplished via two wheels located on top of the scope's body.
The FVO confiscated more than 65 tonnes of flour from the mill, but FOV director, Hans Wyss, said "the extent of the problem could not be determined.