FOWFlames of War (game)
FOWFog of War (computer games)
FOWFountains of Wayne (band)
FOWFall of Wickets (cricket)
FOWFuture of Wrestling (Florida)
FoWFissure of Woe (gaming, Guild Wars)
FOWForce of Will (game)
FOWForge Welding
FOWFriends of Women Foundation
FOWFreshman Orientation Week
FOWFlat-Out Wrong
FOWFace-Offs Won (hockey)
FOWFull of Win (gaming forum)
FOWForces of War (online gaming community)
FOWFerrari of Washington (Washinton, DC)
FoWFull out War (gaming clan)
FOWFurniture Outlet Warehouse
FOWFront of Wall
FOWFriends of the Wissahickon (Philadelphia, PA)
FOWFeelings of Warmth (psychology)
FOWFamily of Women
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The sitting president of FOW is wife of foreign secretary and she will sign the agreement.
As the first Middle East event organised by FOW, the conference showcased insightful presentations, discussions and debates from regional and international subject matter experts, which touched upon analysis of Middle East trading patterns, developing regional benchmarks and increasing participation in Middle Eastern derivatives markets from a global perspective.
Now here is another FOW story unfolding as we speak.
Celebrating its 30th year in international derivatives trading, SGX is proud that its founding chairman of the former Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX), Mr Ng Kok Song, has received the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's FOW Awards for Asia.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: NIR, near infrared; QD, quantum dot; FOW, first optical window; SOW, second optical window; SLN, sentinel lymph node; HD, hydrodynamic; CCD, charge-coupled device; SBR, signal-to-background ratio.
FOW excel at musical portraiture--they capture the personal dreams and disasters of a wide variety, of archetypical characters.
11, an enhanced version of its flagship product, was named "Best New Product from a Technology Firm for Trading and Execution" at the FOW International Awards in London last week.
The feather in the cap, of course, was our most recent win at the FOW Global Investor Awards, where DGCX was recognized as the 'Exchange of the Year' amongst peers and the wider derivatives industry.
The Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange's Dubai India Crude Oil Futures (DICO) contract has been recognised as the 'Best New Derivatives Contract' at this year's FOW Global Investor Asia Capital Markets Awards 2017.
In 2016, Citi was named Client Clearing Firm of the Year by FOW magazine, and Clearing Bank of the Year by Asia Risk.
BELL FOW SYSTEMS says Hedland variable area flow meters give a clearly visible indication of system flow with a choice of optional electronic outputs and the traditional variable area design has been brought up-to-date by utilising a sharp edged orifice and spring loaded float to ensure operation in any orientation.
FOW panel of judges has recognised Citi for expanding its market footprint through a continuous focus on innovation and technology.