FOWAFuture of Web Applications (conference)
FOWAFlorida Outdoor Writers Association
FOWAFort Washington Park (US National Park Service)
FOWAFlorida Onsite Wastewater Association (previously Florida Septic Tank Association)
FOWAFederation of Ogoni Women's Associations
FOWAFuel, Oil, Water, Air (preventive maintenance diagnosis of Komatsu equipment)
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For FOWA's ten-year anniversary, Microsoft has joined as a FOWA London sponsor, alongside Mandrill (MailChimp), Frosmo and Media Temple.
I have been lucky enough to be a part of FOWA for eight years.
But Rentoria, who played a solid game for FOWA, sank two charities for a 75-72 lead as Malibiran muffed two pressure-packed free-throw shots off a Ritualo's foul.
We would like to recognize the roles of the FEHA Halifax District and FOWAs Volusia Chapter, and we thank Godawa Septic Tank Service; Dixie Septic Tank, Inc.
FOWA continues to support the intent of SB 550, however FOWA believes the Florida Department of Health (DOH) should delay the rulemaking process and the implementation of SB 550 until after the 2011 Legislative Session for the following reasons:
FOWA does not support the requirement to repair, modify and replace drainfields that are functioning, but do not meet the stringent wet season water table separation requirements included in SB 550.
And fowas are considered to be more comfortable with the whole process.