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First, information supplied by Abacuck Pricket, who was not only one of the 1610-11 Hudson expedition mutineers, but also shipped with Button in 1612; second, by a Captain William Hawkridge who was also part of Button's complement; finally by one of Button's patrons, Sir Thomas Roe, who provided Foxe with an abstract from Button's own journal for part of the return leg of the voyage.
Foxe and his colleagues demonstrated that children with ASD integrate multisensory information such as sound, touch and vision differently from typically developing children.
1496) one of the more notable and influential examples (24)--the illustrations in Foxe, as mentioned, disseminated particular images from within a distinct text to a wider audience that undoubtedly included van Braght and Luyken in the next century.
King carefully describes how Foxe and Day laid out a "coherent pattern of illustration" (169), exploiting the dynamic interplay between text and image by inserting banderoles and cartouches (ribbon-like scrolls designed to bear inscriptions) that incorporated the martyrs' final words into depictions of their grisly deaths.
Silvester II, who had the misfortune to be pope at the turn of the millennium, when the devil was allegedly loosed from hell, received close attention from Bale and Foxe as did Gregory VII, champion of papal reform and power.
In the editions of 1563 and 1583 Foxe appended to the main body of text a 'Kalender of Martyrs' in which Tudor Protestants who had been burnt at the stake jostled for position with New Testament figures to be commemorated on an annual basis.
Professor Foxe said: "We found that within 20 minutes of drinking a cup of tea there was an effect on the brain's alpha waves.
Final score: Darlington 1 (Dejente 55) Leeds 4 (Einarsson 14, Beckford 70 & 75, Foxe 88).
Seeing Vazquez below, positioned like a football receiver, Foxe screamed, "Save my son, save my son," and dropped her baby to him.
Pompey's goals came from Dejan Stefanovic, Gary O'Neil (2),Hayden Foxe,Patrik Berger and Ayegbeni Yakubu.
With Dejan Stefanovic, Hayden Foxe, Patrik Berger and Yakubu Ayegbini also on target it was an unforgettable afternoon on the south coast.
These explorations continued on until 1940 when the British-Canadian Arctic Expedition completed most of the geographical investigation of Foxe Basin.