FPCBFlexible Printed Circuit Board
FPCBField Programmable Circuit Board
FPCBFirst Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown (Bakerstown, PA)
FPCBFirst Presbyterian Church of Bellevue (Bellevue Way, NE)
FPCBFirst Presbyterian Church of Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)
FPCBFacility Power Control Board (USAF Titan II Missile System)
FPCBFirst Presbyterian Church of Brighton (Michigan)
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The FPCB is for the iPhone X's wide-angle rear camera lens.
UTCP packages are aligned and fixed (by heat tack) on a patterned inner layer of the multilayer substrate, and connection between package and wiring of the PCB or FPCB is achieved by through-hole interconnects.
For this reason, the UTCP technology for embedding active circuitry into an FPCB is ideally suited for these systems.
The microcontroller and ADC circuit were embedded inside an FPCB.
Further, the report also discusses that the Global FPCB market is facing a challenge with respect to the high initial cost of production of FPCBs.
Thus with all these advantages the Electronics industry vendors believe FPCBs are the perfect solution for miniaturization of electronic devices.
In 2005-2006, FPCB market embraced its first boom; in 2007, a cut-throat bargain competition took the stage; in 2007-2009, the average price of FPCB saw downward mobility for consecutive three years, a fall of more than 50% accumulatively.
In addition, the FPCB downstream market was expanding to mobile phone, laptop computer, LED Light Bar sectors.
Smart phones and tablet PCs will continue to drive the FPCB market in 2011.
However, the application fields of FPCB are not only mobile phone and tablet PC, but also include hard drive, optical disc drive, digital camera and DV.