FPCEFloating Point C Extension
FPCEFloating-Point C Extension (computing)
FPCEFlorida Photonics Center of Excellence
FPCEFormations Préventions Conseils Entreprises (French training company)
FPCENetwork of Fluid Power Centres in Europe
FPCEFlorida's Partnerships in Character Education
FPCEFire Prevention and Code Enforcement
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Incase where assessee is paying both EMI and rent and date for scheduled handover of possession has passed, there should be deduction of EMI paid from the total income of such assessee over and above any other deduction being currently provided," FPCE president Abhay Upadhyay said in the letter, dated January 9, to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.
57) FERNANDES, Domingos; O, Jorge do & FERREIRA, Mario: Estudo de avaliacao do ensino artistico: relatorio final, Lisboa, FPCE, 2007.
In accepting this solution, they implicitly reject the FPCE approach, because they recognize that there are simply too many unknowns in any single experiment to put much faith in it, even if it somehow could be shown to be fraud-proof.