FPCRFloating Point Control Register
FPCRFloating-Point Control Register (status information)
FPCRFederal Programs Cost Recovery
FPCRFoundation for Promotion of Cancer Research
FPCRFormation et Perfectionnement des Conducteurs Responsables (French: Drivers' Training and Development Managers)
FPCRFaith Presbyterian Church Reformed (Mesquite, TX)
FPCRFull Point Code Routing
FPCRFormyl Peptide Chemoattractant Receptor
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According to the FPCR, if these projects go ahead, communities, crops, Mayan archaeological sites, and protected areas rich in biodiversity would be flooded, which would entail displacement and loss of livelihoods for the inhabitants of a number of municipalities in Peten such as Las Cruces and La Libertad.
This joint operation by the EIB Fund and FPCR (split one-third and two-thirds respectively between the EIB Fund and FPCR) is boosting the stock of private-sector capital available on the venture capital market through its leverage effect.
This restructuring is for a first change in closing date of the Food Price Crisis Response Core Trust Fund Grant Agreement (FPCR Core) between the Republic of The Gambia and the International Development Association (acting as administrators of the Multi-Donor Trust Fund for FPCR Core TF) and a revision of the financing percentages of the financing agreement and the Trust Fund grant agreement for the program.