FPCSFormation Pilotage Confort Sécurité (French: Comfort Safety Training Steering)
FPCSFixed Profit Car Scheme
FPCSFamily Partnership Charter School
FPCSFormation Prévention Conseil Sécurité (French: Prevention Safety Training Council)
FPCSFree Presbyterian Church of Scotland
FPCSFellow of the Property Consultants Society
FPCSFoilborne Propulsion Control System
FPCSFamilial Prostate Cancer Study (National Health Service; UK)
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In between the FPCS, which has an extremely short-term, micro orientation, and the long, macro view represented by the vision statement, metalcasters seeking full value from planning should employ a business-wide projects and priorities planning (P&P planning) process.
CEOs can use the tools described here--vision statements, FPCS and P&P planning--to build a better, more successful business without breaking the bank or getting bogged down by planning approaches best left in the textbooks.
Since the FPCS is capable of a smooth transition from one calculated curve to another without any output disturbances, varying insolation patterns can easily be simulated.
Field Data on Prime Cost and Contract Sums PROJECTS ECS FCS EPCS FPCS [[begin [[begin [[begin [[begin strike- strike- strike- strike- through]N through]N through]N through]N [end strike- [end strike- [end strike- [end strike- through]m] through]m] through]m] through]m] 1 12.
With FPCS, the car owner is responsible for the expense and hassle of running it, which saves the employer a lot of time and hassle.
If the employer wishes to use the FPCS, they can help the employees to acquire their own cars with a loan.
Sources: * 1973-September 1977: Federal Power Commission, Form FPCS, "Monthly Statement of Electric Operating Revenues and Income.