FPDSFederal Procurement Data System
FPDSFirst Presbyterian Day School (various locations)
FPDSFlat Panel Display System (aircraft)
FPDSFraksi Partai Damai Sejahtera
FPDSFord Product Development System
FPDSFire Priority Dispatch System (Priority Dispatch Corp.)
FPDSFire Prevention, Detection and Suppression
FPDSForce Protection Demining System
FPDSFleet Probe Data System
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The 1974 event was held to launch the inaugural FPDS cookbook, Bless This Food, 0 Lord, We Pray.
La formacion del FPDS se concreta a partir de la articulacion de un conjunto de movimientos que habian conformado la Coordinadora de Trabajadores Anibal Veron (CTD AV) -entre 2001 y 2002- y el Movimiento de Trabajadores Desocupados Anibal Veron (MTD AV) desde la Masacre del Puente Pueyrredon (4).
FPDS Next Generation helps fulfill GSA's mission to help agencies focus on their core missions and better serve the public.
The CAOs must certify the accuracy of their agency's reports to FPDS.
He told them to establish a system for routine verification and validation of data being sent to FPDS.
4% of prime contract dollars in fiscal 2005, based on FPDS figures.
Congress and executive branch agencies rely on FPDS to assess the impact that governmentwide acquisition policies and processes are having on the system generally, as well as with respect to specific geographical areas, markets, and socio-economic goals.
The automated systems will replace the manual data entry that was a source of inaccuracies in the old FPDS.
In addition to examining FPDS data, GAO looked at data from DOD's data system.
Nine of the 22 largest agencies reported lower small-business awards than the FPDS figures.