FPHAFlorida Public Health Association (Green Cove Springs, FL)
FPHAFerguslie Park Housing Association (UK)
FPHAFederal Public Housing Authority
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The news has been welcomed by chair of the FPHA, Shona McIntyre, who is convinced the organisation is now moving in the right direction.
The conclusion of the manager's task, and the reduction in appointees, is evidence that we have sorted those old weaknesses we just need to prove now that we have firmly established the rejuvenated FPHA.
FPHA were notified for foreign passport holders and US citizens living or traveling abroad.
FPHA intended to build on the land a more substantial, "duration" (semi-permanent) temporary war housing project for black in-migrant workers, similar to those already mentioned as having been built for white occupancy in outlying areas; not coincidentally, this land was adjacent to a small, semi-rural African American residential enclave.
See Housing Segregation Suit Lost by Pasadena FPHA, RAFU SHIMPO, July 26, 1947, at 1:5-6.
My work with the Florida Public Health Association has been a chance for me to pay back the FPHA for all of the opportunities and benefits I received as a member for so many years," Magyar told The Nation's Health.