FPHLFemale Pattern Hair Loss
FPHLFriends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse (est. 2001; Portsmouth, NH)
FPHLFirst Peoples House of Learning (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)
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A 100 consenting patients with FPHL were enrolled in the study.
WAA-QOL is self-completed in about 10 min, exhibits good content validity, internal consistency and test-retest reliability, and hence may be used in assessing the impact of FPHL on QoL or in evaluating therapeutic effects in clinical trials.
Majority of patients (79%) exhibited grade II of FPHL in Sinclair scale, followed by grade III seen in 11% and grade IV in 9%.
70% of patients experienced a moderate impact due to FPHL, followed by no impact in 19% and severe impact in 11% of patients.
As regards the comparison between mean mWAA QOL scores with respect to grade of FPHL, patients with grade II had mean mWAA QOL scores of 35.
The FPHL is a nonscarring progressive thinning of hair.
Many women suffering from FPHL experience negative psychosocial effects related to the condition.
12,13 Though the prevalence and severity of the FPHL, increases with advancing age, onset of the disorder is in the reproductive age group.
The items or questions perceived as most important to women with FPHL were mainly emotional aspects like, concern about continued or total hair loss despite treatment, feeling unattractive, frustration of hair loss and dissatisfaction with appearance.
Studies were included if they compared any type of monotherapy or combination therapy to treat FPHL.
It may be that women with FPHL and increased androgen levels would respond to S2 reductase inhibitors: This has not been studied thus far.