FPICFirst Professionals Insurance Company (Jacksonville, FL)
FPICField Programmable Interconnect
FPICFederal Partnership for Interoperable Communications
FPICField Programmable Interconnect Chip
FPICField Programmable Interconnect Circuit
FPICFlorida Plastics Industry Council
FPICFiltered Parallel Interference Canceller
FPICFixed-Price Incentive Contract
FPICFacility Person in Charge
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The FPIC will have 7 equipments -- immersion freezer, vacuum-packaging machine, water retort, vacuum-fryer, spray dryer, vacuum evaporator, and freeze -dryer.
FPIC has evolved from the recognition and acknowledgment of several overlapping rights and realities.
The FPIC narrative for environmental campaigners is simple: the private sector is engaging in projects that adversely impact on local communities and the solution is to ensure local people exercise FPIC before large-scale projects commence.
Funds will be used by FPIC for acquisitions and additional capital for future growth.
FPIC remains as an interim holding company with the TDC organization.
Upon renewal with The Doctors Company, physicians insured by FPIC and its subsidiaries will automatically participate in the Tribute Plan.
Kirschner, Chairman of the Board of FPIC, further commented, "In addition to the overwhelming support of our shareholders, two of our key strategic partners, the Florida Medical Association and the Florida Dental Association, have also expressed their support for the transaction.
This opportunity allows the membership of the FMA to continue taking advantage of their excellent insurance products at competitive rates, as well as allowing us the opportunity to continue collaborating with our long-time friends at FPIC," said Glenn E.
FPIC's shareholders have the right to change or revoke their proxies at any time before the vote taken at the special meeting, as further described on page 23 of the revised definitive proxy statement filed by FPIC with the SEC on July 18, 2011.
The transaction will be financed with $44 million in cash and 214,286 FPIC common shares.
If you own common stock in FPIC and wish to obtain additional information, please visit us at www.