FPRPFP (Prostaglandin F2 Alpha Receptor) Regulatory Protein
FPRPFamily Practice Residency Program
FPRPFalse Positive Report Probability (genetics)
FPRPForward Pricing Rate Proposal
FPRPFoundation for the Promotion of Responsible Parenthood (Aruba)
FPRPForest Policy Reform Project (World Bank; Cambodia)
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Can you describe the FPRP at the 50,000 foot level, and how it relates to the five goals for FASB you discussed?
FPRP is devoted to raising public awareness of religions that have been victimized by aggressive proselytization campaigns that are grounded in religious exclusivism, which is there is only one way to God and all other ways are wrong and even evil that needs to be destroyed.
FPRP plans to submit a petition signed by members of all religious groups to UN Secretary General calling for more active role by UN in protecting all the World religions and cultures.