FPSAFood Processing Suppliers Association (McLean, VA)
FPSAFree Prostate-Specific Antigen
FPSAFlorida Public Service Association
FPSAFinnish Political Science Association (est. 1935)
FPSAFellow of the Professional Speakers Association (UK)
FPSAFlorida Pool and Spa Association
FPSAFractionated Plasma Separation and Adsorption (blood purification)
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The FPSA has launched the FPSA Women's Council, a new initiative to facilitate positive transformation for women in the food and beverage industry, and to empower its members to achieve both professional and personal growth.
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The program in 2013 ultimately raised enough donations to provide more than 240,000 meals to the people of Cook County," says Scott Scriven, chairman of the FPSA Foundation, based in McLean, Va.
There is strong interest in addressing this issue among food processors and equipment suppliers to reduce food loss and wastage, said FPSA President and CEO, David Seckman.
El sistema FPSA depura mas eficientemente las toxinas (nitrogeno ureico, creatinina, amonio y bilirrubinas) que el MARS, aunque no pasa lo mismo con las sales biliares y citoquinas (50).
There are too simply many shows and diminishing return on investment for each one," was the common sentiment echoed by exhibitors, said FPSA Chairman Scott Scriven.
He also intends to work with local FPSA chapters to develop a strategic plan that better meets the needs of members.
FPSA represents polystyrene foam insulation manufacturers.
Each year, the FPSA Process Expo draws approximately 10,000 food processing and packaging professionals during its three-day meeting while the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo([R]) welcomes more than 18,000 professionals working in the food science and technology fields.
The goal of the forum is to move the design of swimming pools to a safer standard, higher than the construction techniques and materials mandated by building codes," said FPSA President David Oxley.
The new FPSA Semi-Automatic control package consists of a sleek stainless steel independent panel complete with operator interface, all pneumatics and PLC to control the vacuum setpoints and test times.
His departure did not come as a surprise to FPSA officials.