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FQR is owned by private equity firm Vision Capital, which had said it was "actively considering" restructuring and strategic options.
Following the common practice, the dummy variables FCD, TPS, and FQR are all treated as exogenous I(0) variables in the VAR and the error-correction model.
The FQR has been designed and structured to provide selected financial information and ratios for property writers in Florida.
Yet the number of offies under independent ownership is on the up, a trend accelerated in the past year as the FQR estate came up for sale.
Fyl Newington, business change director for FQR, said: "Severn's ability to so succinctly encompass our ambitions and distill the complexity of our varied brands Into such a striking visual that embodies our position as market leader has been Impressive.
The new stores are integrating well and the customers love our prices, which are more competitive than they were when they were run by FQR," he said.
Administrator KPMG had been asking for [pounds sterling]10,000 for the sale of each of the head leases to 43 former franchisees who wanted to run their own store following the collapse of FQR.
When FQR fell into administration in October, ND made the majority of the depot staff redundant.
Between them the franchisees will have 'rescued' more FQR stores than anyone else.
Swaine admitted many of the stores had been making a loss under FQR, but insisted the acquisition was "not a risky venture".
One off-licence boss told The Grocer that the rents of many of the FQR estate were too high and landlords would have to renegotiate them to have any chance of finding a tenant.
That leaves a lot of slack for the rest of the retail trade to take up and independent drinks specialists have been quick to snap up former Threshers, Wine Rack, Haddows and The Local stores since KPMG abandoned the idea of selling the 1,200-strong FQR estate as a single entity.