FR1Feature Release 1
FR1Framework Region 1 (antibodies)
Fr1Frost Resistance 1
FR1Fixed Ration 1 Schedule
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Once treatment effects were observed, the schedule for token delivery was thinned from an FR1 to an FR5 schedule.
In one case (10%), positivity with 1 of those 2 primer sets was the only molecular evidence of biclonality; 2 clonal populations were identified with IGH FR1 and IGH FR3 primer sets in 4 cases (40%; 2 [20%] with IGH FR1 and 2 [20%] with IGH FR3), and 2 of these cases (the ones with biclonal results for IGH FR1) also demonstrated biclonal populations with the IGH FR2 primer set.
Performance on the FR1 schedule in the present study was consistent with that on the FI, in that there was no effect in the young animals, whereas the high-dose older animals emitted more responses during the first few sessions of the FR schedule.
Mass range Protocol FR1 FR1 FR4 FR4 CM10 IMAC30 CM10 IMAC30 2.
Raytek has introduced the Marathon FR1, a fiber-optic ratio thermometer that combines advanced electro-optic design with state-of-the-art processing electronics designed for operation in iron and steel foundries.
Specifically, both specimens showed identical monoclonal peaks of 332 and 346 base pairs in the IgH FR1 region.
In a third experiment, the scientists exposed experimentally naive rats to an FR1, FT30-s reinforcement schedule.
Lalli and Casey (1996) found that when problem behavior and task compliance both resulted in equal schedules of negative reinforcement, task compliance was the selected response when praise was provided on an FR1 schedule of reinforcement during the work activity and problem behavior produced praise on a VR5 schedule of reinforcement.
During the alternative reinforcement phase, an appropriate alternative response was reinforced on an FR1, using a functional communication training procedure.
Description of a novel FR1 IgH PCR strategy and its comparison with three other strategies for the detection of clonality in B cell malignancies.
Applied Question: Most functional analyses of behavior disorders use an FR1 schedule.
Table 2 Participant Reinforcers Reinforcer Type Participant Schedule Conditioned Tangible ELK VR8 Verbal Edibles YER VR8 Verbal Edibles BRG VR8 Verbal Edibles YCD VR8 Verbal Edibles WDI FR1 Tokens Edibles ESN VR8 Verbal Money SSM FR1 Music Edibles ORO FR1 Verbal Edibles DVS VR8 Verbal Edibles SPN VR8 Verbal Edibles Note.