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FR2Free Rider 2 (game)
FR2Framework Region 2 (antibodies)
FR2Forgotten Realm 2 (game)
FR2Fanaroff-Riley Type 2 (quasars)
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In 4 out of the 10 cases (40%) tested (or 4 of the 9 cases [44%] with amplification) the primers for IGH FR2 showed 2 clonal peaks (Table).
Recordings were made with a Telinga parabolic dish, Sennheiser ME62 microphone, and Fostex FR2 recorder placed ~2 m from the egg.
eSafe 5 FR2 represents a shift in the role of URL filtering -- now a critical component of Web content filtering in order to maintain security, safety and productivity," said Shimon Gruper, vice president of technologies for the Aladdin eSafe Business Unit.
Once they had begun responding on a fixed-ratio 1 (FR1) schedule of reinforcement, the fixed-ratio requirement for lever pressing was increased at five-session intervals to values of FR2, FR5, FR10, FR20, and FR30.
The carrier has bought 70 Heartstream FR2 AEDs from Agilent Technologies and its crew will undergo a training programme to use the new devices.
Laerdal Medical Corporation manufactures the Heartstart FR2 defibrillator (call the Customer Service Department at 1-800-431-1055).
Volume expansion in the first quarter of 2001 will increase the availability of Fyrol FR2 and Fyrol 38, products used in the flexible polyurethane foam market.
The data is available in all of Selerity's co-location points of presence (POP) including Equinix's CH1 (Chicago), NY2 (NY/NJ) and FR2 (Frankfurt) datacenters.
Models previously sold by DXE Medical that were affected by this new regulation are:-- Physio-Control Lifepak 500 AED-- Physio-Control Lifepak 10, 11-- Philips HeartStart FR2 AED-- Philips XL-- Zoll PD1400-- Zoll M Series monitor/defibrillator-- Zoll E Series monitor/defibrillator
Medford, OR 97501 Tel: (800) 676-3339 or (916) 772-3429 Fax: (916) 772-3415 Medite FR2 MDF Mixed MP Medite 3-D MDF Mixed MP Medite MDF Mixed MP Permacore MDF Mixed MP Medex MDF Mixed MP Medite II MDF Mixed MP 40# MDF Mixed MP High Density MDF Mixed MP MedTred MDF Mixed MP Temple-Inland, P.
Canal+ want to pay less, prompting Blanco to respond by suggesting, if the French pull out of the Heineken Cup, rival channel FR2, who cover that, will mount a big-money rival bid to cover the domestic title-race.
Monoclonal peaks were detected at 346 by for IgH FR1 and at 281 by for FR2 in the unsorted and in the CD10-positive sorted cell fraction (Fig.