FRAGOFragmentary Order
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Publication of the CEM in the brigade's daily FRAGO should be the gold standard of the BCT CM, as this is an essential aspect of how units link intelligence collection to operations.
PLANORD 226-13: Continuation of Operations (PLANORD, FRAGO 1-2, Annex)
The subordinate units were in agreement, which influenced the 1st Infantry Division's decision to publish a FRAGO in February 2010 that implemented LRT throughout all of USD--S.
In response to each vignette, the DJTF HQS staff planned contingency operations and issued FRAGOs based on the commander's guidance while tracking the commander's critical information requirements, conducting crisis action responses, developing operational-level decisive points, and planning stability and support operations, counterterrorism operations, and demilitarization of local paramilitary groups.
Forces--Afghanistan FRAGO 09-265 requires that a lease be in place before a unit occupies real property in Afghanistan.
FRAGO 89 made clear that expenditures could include purchase of goods and services from local Iraqis.
Part of the FRAGO shifts support of NB C reconnaissance and smoke to support the BCT reserves' attack.
The task and purpose, though not formally issued in a FRAGO, was intimated as: Secure in order to enable continued economic activity.
24) The FRAGO emphasizes the need to send immediate initial reports without delay "to ensure all information is available or correct and may be lacking in some level of detail"; it also requires follow-up reporting and that all formal and informal investigations be forwarded to the CENTCOM Staff Judge Advocate as soon as it is available.