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FRAMESFire Research and Management Exchange System
FRAMESFuture Radio Wideband Multiple Access System
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The Princess's first clear fearless call (Melissa had found her) rose and drummed through all the frames.
And now on every wall of the old house there is one of my pictures in a beautiful gold frame.
One day, at dinner, this malicious little cub was so nettled with something I had said to him, that, raising himself upon the frame of her majesty's chair, he took me up by the middle, as I was sitting down, not thinking any harm, and let me drop into a large silver bowl of cream, and then ran away as fast as he could.
She seems proud of the baby, though; wouldn't hear to a cheap frame for the picture.
In the middle stood a little frame containing relics; at the corners were two little orange-trees, and all along the edge were silver candlesticks, porcelain vases containing sun-flowers, lilies, peonies, and tufts of hydrangeas.
He eyed the seething frame with interest, but without apparent panic.
Suppressing a strong inclination to laugh, I stepped through the bronze frame and up to the Time Machine.
he thought, recalling the service of the day before and the holy icon with its black face and gilt frame, and the tapers which he sold to be set before that icon and which were almost immediately brought back to him scarcely burnt at all, and which he put away in the store-chest.
Sergey Ivanovitch listened attentively, asked him questions, and, roused by a new listener, he talked fluently, uttered a few keen and weighty observations, respectfully appreciated by the young doctor, and was soon in that eager frame of mind his brother knew so well, which always, with him, followed a brilliant and eager conversation.
Now, if they would make the effort in good temper, could they not with nearly equal unanimity frame and pass a law by means of which to keep good that unanimous oath?
There was a good twelve inches of space between the broad back of the black and the frame of the doorway.
THE SECOND point to be examined is, whether the convention were authorized to frame and propose this mixed Constitution.