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FRAPFluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching
FRAPFire and Resource Assessment Program (California)
FRAPFederal Rules of Appellate Procedure
FRAPFacilitated Risk Analysis Process
FRAPFrente Revolucionario Antifascista Y Patriotico (Revolutionary Anti-Fascist Patriotic Front; Spain)
FRAPFacilitated Risk Assessment Process (security management)
FRAPFrenetic Random Activity Period (dog behavior)
FRAPFree Route Airspace Project (aeronautical)
FRAPFrame Relay Access Probe (Tylink)
FRAPFerric Reducing Activity of Plasma
FRAPFuel Rod Analysis Program
FRAPFragmenting Payload
FRAPFlat Rate Access Promotion (Sprint)
FRAPFleet Reliability Assessment Program
FRAPFront Révolutionnaire d'Action Prolétarienne (French)
FRAPField Reliability Assessment Program
FRAPFacilitated Risk Analysis Procedure
FRAPFrame Relay Access Point
FRAPFar Right as Possible (cycling)
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Strain, The ferric reducing ability of plasma (FRAP) as a measure of "Antioxidant Power": the FRAP assay, Analytical Biochemistry: 239 (1), 70-76 (1996).
Thus, neither FRAP 10(e)(2)(C) nor FRE 201 will be a basis to supplement the record with those documents.
Disadvantages: FRAP cannot detect thiols, such as glutathione, and proteins.
The rate at which the recovery of fluorescence takes place in a FRAP experiment is related to the translational mass diffusion coefficient of the diffusing fluorophores.
However, use of the organic Se may have advantage through increased antioxidant power as assessed through numerically higher FRAP values and higher activity of plasma GSHPx.
The FRAP would help the family create a family development plan, outlining steps the family should take to work toward furthering the family's recovery.
crispa stems aqueous extract as measured by DPPH (scavenging activity), TBA (inhibition percentage) and FRAP (FRAP value) assay.
For example, FRAP was limited to only Shaw, and TFAP required pilots to report to an active-duty unit each quarter to receive training and mentorship necessary for career progression.
El indice de oxidacion de proteinas, la actividad de SOD, CAT y GSH-Px medida en higado y FRAP de los pacientes con EHGNA se presenta en la tabla 1.
All of the common and cutting edge trends are covered - fluorescence / laser electron / nonlinear microscopy, infrared fluorescence, multiphoton imaging, tomography, FRAP, live imaging, STED, PALM/STORM, etc.
Antioxidant activities of these extracts and fractions were performed using DPPH, ABTS, FRAP, TAC protocols.