FRAPHFront for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti
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With tacit support from Haiti's military, FRAPH opened hundreds of outposts, and Constant seized the limelight, holding regular radio addresses and dramatic press conferences and rallies where he denounced the embargo and assailed Aristide for exacerbating class divisions.
backed rightists forced him from office, the CIA-funded FRAPH (Haitian Creole for "hit") carried on the Macoute legacy, killing upwards of 4,000 civilians and raping untold numbers of women.
On October 15, 1994, Aristide returned to a country weakened by junta and FRAPH violence and an international economic embargo.
FRAPH would later be identified as a CIA-funded group which, ironically, was responsible for turning away the USS Harlan County, the US military mission sent to oversee the transition.
CIA employee and founder of the death squad organization FRAPH, Emmanuel Constant, later admitted to orchestrating this incident.
That was the day FRAPH [Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti] was actually born.
That menace, Dupuy said, is the paramilitary FRAPH, the organization responsible for the death campaign now under way in Haiti and which functioning openly in New York, Miami and Toronto.
Her main character is roughly modeled on Emmanuel Constant, the CIA asset who formed the Haitian death squad FRAPH, which was responsible for killing or torturing thousands of Haitians in the early 1990s.
The thugs and the FRAPH [Front Revolutionnaire pour l'Avancement et le Progres d'Haiti] and the military, which are heavily armed in the north, are sending messages repeatedly on the airways in Haiti that they stand ready at any moment to storm Port-au-Prince.
Phillippe fue jefe de la policia haitiana y Chamblain era el segundo de a bordo del grupo paramilitar FRAPH.
To the rogues' gallery of world-class criminals the CIA has directly supported--among them Panama's Manuel Noriega, Emmanuel Constant of the FRAPH in Haiti, Nicolas Carranza, former head of the treasury police in El Salvador, Guatemala's Col.