FRARFunctional Requirements for Authority Records (now Functional Requirements for Authority Data; software engineering)
FRARFonds Régionaux d'Amenagement Rural (French)
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1]) Uso do solo Capineira (n=43) 5,6 a 5,5 a 43 b 14 a Pastagem (n=133) 5,4 a 2,5 b 62 a 11 ab Rocado (n=84) 5,6 a 6,3 a 51 ab 8,7 b Posicao no relevo Topo (n=25) 5,5 ab 3,7 bc 62 a 6,2 b Ombro (n=19) 5,3 ab 2,3 c 55 a 5,1 b Meia Encosta 5,5 ab 2,9 bc 55 a 8,5 b (n=129) Pedimento (n=36) 5,7 a 4,9 ab 43 a 6,0 b Varzea (n=51) 5,4 b 7,9 a 51 a 40 a Classe textural Arg (n=06) 5,0 1,4 109 12 ArgAr (n=18) 4,9 c 2,4 bc 82 a 8,7 ab FrArgAr (n=59) 5,4 b 2,5 c 62 a 11 a FrAr (n=99) 5,5 b 4,2 ab 47 a 14 a ArFr (n=78) 5,7 a 5,7 a 51 a 5,9 b Criterios de Ca Mg H + AI classificacao das amostras (cmolc [kg.
Concernant les projets FRAR, la finalisation ou la realisation d'un projet peut buter sur des problemes de disponibilites financieres, de gestion financiere, de surevaluation et de sous-evaluation des couts.
Andrea, established in 1347, show that at the beginning there were only male members, but chapter 36 reports the resolution of a meeting -- not dated, but held probably in 1351 or 1352 -- that "we brethren all unanimously" (nui tuti frar de un voler e de un anemo) wanted to admit women into the scuola.
97) The statute of the Scuola della Celestia fixed in chapter five that "tuti li frar [devono] elevar la soa tollela," meaning in this case only brethren.
Martino ruled: "se alcun nostro frar o soror zugasse a dadi in ral maniera che lo spendesse lo so malamente" (ASV, Prow.
3 right Ancora fo ordenado che quando algun nostro frar o seror pasera de questa vita sia tegnudi li degani selo sera frar, elle degane se sela sera seror andar ala casa o' che sera lo corpo e bagnarlo a far lo bagnar e puo portarlo a sopelir.
The new 3200FR combines the functionality of a FRAD and multi-protocol FRAR into a single unit that includes an integral T1 or E1 CSU, a Bit-Error Rate Tester (BERT), two Ethernet ports, two high-speed synchronous serial ports, and two optional voice-over-Frame-Relay ports.
The 3000FR supports the routing of LAN protocols, such as IP and IPX, as a multi-protocol FRAR.