FRBPFederal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure
FRBPFederal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
FRBPFlint River Basin Plan (Atlanta, GA)
FRBPField Ration Break Point
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For creditors, the most important change to the FRBP is likely seen in the amendments to Rule 3002(c) regarding proofs of claim, Gerdisch said.
According to a report by Calbar BLS, the revised FRBP 3007(a) clarifies that FRBP 7004's specific service requirements don't apply to most claim objections, and it eliminates the implicit requirement that the court hold a hearing.
5 shows the total achieved throughput for AF and DF systems with SRBP and FRBP against increasing number of available RBs.
9 show the bar graphs of RBs which are assigned to different MTs using SRBP and FRBP in AF and DF protocols respectively.
Comparing our common component and the FRBP indicator, one can see that both series move closely together.
GEARs: 34 miles out Alvadore via FRBP, with return via River Loop No.