FRCSWFleet Readiness Center Southwest (San Diego, CA)
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That effort evolves into what we call sustainability," said environmental engineer Mark Weir of the FRCSW Environmental Program Office (EPO).
To achieve the best possible results and to ensure its EMS consistently operates as intended, FRCSW augments QMI's external audits with internal audit "sorties" of its own, usually targeting a single department at a time.
During fiscal year (FY) 2009, FRCSW continued to garnish improvement in environmental stewardship and financial performance.
For this contract, Parker will hire a resource to manage the business on-site at FRCSW.
Macy worked with engineers at FRCSW to explore different options.
FRCSW is the main depot for all variations of the F/A-18, so most of the parts it has repaired using Kinetic Metallization have been for that platform.
This rotating nozzle will further expand the repair capabilities of FRCSW by enabling bore repairs on components too large or heavy to be easily rotated.
FRCSW is Commander, Naval Air Forces' West Coast aircraft repair depot intermediate facility specializing in the support of Navy and Marine Corps aircraft and related systems.
FRCSW was one of eight Navy facilities recognized by DOE under the energy efficiency and water management category.
The Green Belt project team worked with the E2/C2 business team at FRCSW, examining their process for returning carcasses.
It sets the tone for the future of FRCSW and is a physical representation of one of our four pillars within the FRCSW command strategy--that of infrastructure renewal.
Paul Sohl, commander, Fleet Readiness Centers, challenged the FRCSW H-60 workforce to exceed previous production levels.