FRDAFlorida Rental Dealers Association
FRDAFunctional Retention and Disposal Authority
FRDAFast Rotational Digital Angiography
FRDAFlorida Roof Deck Association
FRDAFast Rectifying Diode Array
FRDAFraxinus Darlingtonii
FRDAFall River Decorative Arts
FRDAFunctional Records Disposal Authority (Australia)
FRDAFriedreich Ataxia
FRDAForest Resource Development Agreements
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Although several studies provided evidence that ROS generated through Fenton reaction play a role in FRDA, the primary involvement and the importance of ROS in the pathophysiology of FRDA are still debated [33].
Agilis said that it has recently executed an Exclusive Channel Collaboration (ECC) with Intrexon to develop and commercialise novel DNA-based therapeutics for the treatment of FRDA.
The loss of FTX in FRDA and GLRX5 in pyridoxine-unresponsive sideroblastic anemia causes deficiency in ISCs as in the myopathy associated with ISCU 1 defect.
The observed group was created from ataxic patients diagnosed with FRDA and AD SCA.
In some FRDA and AD SCA patients, depression and mental impairment were described (21,22) and the results of ADLS may therefore have been mildly influenced.
The NDS is supported by data from earlier clinical trials in FRDA conducted by academic institutions that demonstrated efficacy primarily in the treatment of the cardiac symptoms of this devastating disease.
If everything goes according to plan, the marketing authorization for this first approved pharmaceutical product for the treatment of FRDA can be expected in late 2008.
Se analizo la correlacion entre la edad de inicio de FRDA y SU progresion con el numero de repeticiones GAA.
El promedio del tamano de las expansiones en los alelos es 622 [+ o -] 5 con un promedio correspondiente de la edad inicio de FRDA 13 [+ o -] 8.
Most patients with FRDA are homozygous for expansion in the GAA trinucleotide repeat sequence in the first intron of FXN.
demonstrated the dipstick's clinical utility for whole blood (WB) and noninvasive buccal swabs by assessing a large cohort of FRDA patients, carriers, and unaffected individuals (11).