FRDCFisheries Research and Development Corporation (Australia)
FRDCFairfax Renaissance Development Corporation (Cleveland, OH)
FRDCForest Root Domain Controller
FRDCFood Research and Development Centre (Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada)
FRDCFuture Research Design Company Pvt. Ltd. (India)
FRDCFulton Reception and Diagnostic Center (Missouri Department of Corrections)
FRDCForum Regional Development Centre (Slovakia)
FRDCFlorida Research and Development Center
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On a few occasions, as a young East Hartford P&WA engineer, I had meetings at FRDC.
Speaking on the occasion, Sanjay Agarwal, Director FRDC said-" This is truly proud moment for all of us at FRDC and JGA our International partners.
The store and retail experience concept is designed by DFC, FRDC (Future Research Design Company) Bangalore.
The Executive Director of FRDC, Dr Patrick Hone, said its long term goal of getting better connectivity between regions to improve research outcomes and make savings is being realised through the establishment of a southern headquarters in Adelaide.
This research was conducted as part of the FRDC project (2009/075): Determining the susceptibility of remnant populations of abalone previously exposed to AVG, which was funded in part by the FRDC on behalf of the Australian government.
FRDC also developed the powerful OCR technology which was used in China's 2nd National Agricultural Census in 2006(8).
AFMA will consult with stakeholders such as relevant management advisory committees, resource assessment groups, scientific panels and the Commonwealth Marine Mammal Working Group to seek their views on any proposed fisheries management changes as a result of the findings of the FRDC report.
Final report to the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, FRDC Project 90/18, Queensland Department of Primary Industries, 154 p.
This work was funded jointly by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, the University of Tasmania, and the Australian government's Fisheries Research Development Corporation as part of FRDC project 2007/020.
CTCC averages $8,640 annually, FCSC averages $6,000 annually, and FRDC averages $57,000 annually.