FREPFertilizer Research and Education Program (California)
FREPFunction Representation
FREPForest and Range Evaluation Program (British Columbia, Canada)
FREPFox River Ecosystem Partnership (Batavia, IL)
FREPForest Riparian Easement Program
FREPFreshman Enrichment Program
FREPFaculty Research & Engineering Program (US Army)
FREPFamily Record Extraction Program
FREPFrequency in Portuguese (linguistics)
FREPFilarmonica Recreio do Emigrante Portugues (Portuguese, Newark, CA band)
FREPFaculty Recruitment Enhancement Project (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)
FREPForms, Rebar, Embeds, Pour (construction)
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Nearly all of FREP I's limited partners committed to FREP II, and we are thrilled to welcome several new investor relationships as well.
Number of Method Objective(s) (a) 1 - Orthographic words FreP 1, 2, 3 (Tokens) 2 - Letters MS Word 2, 3 3 - Syllables FreP 2, 3 4 - Syllable types FreP 2, 3 5 - Consonants, vowels, FreP 2, 3 glides, and V-slots 6 - Words per stress FreP 2, 3 position 7 - Hyphenated words MS Word 1, 2, 3 8 - Words containing Manual 1, 2, 3 abbreviations (acronyms or initialims), numbers or symbols 9 - Expressions or words MS Word 1 not allowed according to the regulatory requirements (b) Number of Citation(s) 1 - Orthographic words (Handler et al.
Relativamente aos formatos silabicos possui os mais frequentes do PE, sendo o formato silabico CV o mais frequente e o que se aproxima mais dos valores de referencia do Corpus FreP, contribuindo assim para uma aproximacao fidedigna de um TFE.
3] is the log exposure to FREPP of banks reporting only FREP activity, and [x.
To determine nitrate sensitivity of an area, FREP expanded on a list of criteria originally prepared by University of California soil scientists (5, 8).
FREP, originally established to support the growing demands for refined fuels and petrochemical products in the Chinese market, is now a key element in Saudi Aramcos downstream strategy.
FREP is a key element in its Asia chemicals strategy.
Ethylene Technology in Shanghai Petrochemical, FREP, Zhanjiang Branch ethylene plant expansion project and Xinjiang application.
China is set to be a key market for the polyolefin marketing business, and Aramco Asia already has a footprint in the country via FREP.
FREP, a joint venture between China's Sinopec, US producer ExxonMobilandSaudi Aramco, has the capacity to produce 800,000 tpy of ethylene and 800,000 tpy of polyethylene (PE), plus other products including polypropylene (PP) and aromatics.