FREPASOFront for A Country in Solidarity (Argentina)
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Additionally, Cavallo may be able to reach out to reformist sectors of the opposition Peronist party and his working relationship with Chacho Alvarez could bring some support from Frepaso.
Cafiero is one of the few members of Alianza partner FREPASO still holding a position in the de la Rua administration.
Although Alvarez resigned, he and FREPASO maintained formal ties with the administration, despite their increasing criticisms of economic policies.
A measure of de la Rua's weakness is that Frepaso party leader Carlos Alvarez and Radical party head Raul Alfonsin plan to meet over the weekend to discuss ways of cutting up the available jobs.
Although the UCR and FREPASO leaders presented de la Rua with alternative proposals, the plan ratified by the president was the original.
Six cabinet ministers from the left-leaning Frepaso party, a partner in the ruling coalition, announced their resignations and unions, provincial leaders and many others that would have been affected by the cuts were outraged.
Recent cabinet appointments in addition to Lopez Murphy appear to be an attempt to shore up support from the left-leaning Frepaso partner in the governing Alianza coalition.
The former vice president recently said he was retiring from politics and resigning as head of FREPASO.
Lopez Murphy is deeply mistrusted by the left-leaning Frepaso party, one half of the Alianza coalition.
The scandals and growing dissatisfaction have led to strains within the ruling Alianza coalition, led by President Fernando de la Rua, and the political leaders of the two main partners, Raul Alfonsin of the Radicals and Carlos Alvarez of Frepaso.
De la Rua is also under attack by the opposition Peronist party but increasingly is being targeted by members of the ruling Alianza coalition as well, comprised chiefly of the Radical and Frepaso parties.