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The regression co-efficient between ANX and FREQ is -0.
Table 3 shows that significant correlation exists between motivation and FREQ and it are evident that the ESL learners who are highly motivated to learn English have potential to use English more frequently.
According to Table 3, significant correlation is present between WTC and FREQ.
Table 3 shows that significant correlation is present between SPCC and FREQ.
On the basis of value of correlation, it can be concluded that SPCC highly affects FREQ.
It can be concluded that ANX has potential to affect FREQ negatively.
Graph 1 is based on the value of correlation and it shows that SPCC is 1st, WTC is 2nd and motivation is 3rd most influencing variable that affects FREQ.
The calculated value of mean shows that most of the respondents rate themselves high on the motivation, WTC, SPCC and FREQ scale still there is room for improvement on the basis of better ESL pedagogical implications.
The results for third research question shows that SPCC also affects FREQ strongly.
It is contrary to the findings of Hashimoto (2002) who found no significant path from SPCC to FREQ in Japanese ESL context but in Pakistani context significant correlation is found between SPCC and FREQ.
WTC is identified as the second most effective variable which has strong potential to increase FREQ as suggested by Hashimoto (2002) and MacIntyre et al.
When the songs analyzed by Benedix and Howard (1991) were reanalyzed using our current methods and equipment, PR and FREQ measurements often shifted significantly (see Table 4).