FRERFirst Response Early Result (pregnancy test)
FRERFront Range Equine Rescue (Larkspur, CO)
FRERFoundation for Rehabilitation Education and Research
FRERFood Recall and Emergency Response (now Office of Food Safety and Recall; Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
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The calculated FRER values may be compared with real exchange rate values.
Tenders are invited for supply of frer (italy) make transducers.
Widespread deployment of Voltabox battery systems is therefore a game-changer," said Klaus Dieter Frers, founder and CEO of paragon AG.
Kolliker Frers RA, Bisoendial RJ, Montoya SF, et al.
A team of around 20 in-house designers and engineers works with the world-renowned Frers Naval Architecture and Engineering.
Frers (2013, page 2) has recently argued that "the problem with accounts of absence is that they implicitly or explicitly use absence as 'the other', the opposite, the unknown, the spectral, the immaterial.
Larry Frers, currently leading human resources for Field Management will assume Kudelka's prior post.
A par tir de 2003 la jubilacion minima casi duplico su poder de compra, pasando de $150 a $290 (en pesos de 2001) (Cohan Diaz Frers y Levy Yeyati, 2010).
Frers examines the same Tourist Route in more detail for two of the viewing platforms to explore the sensual side of what happens when 'motion' stops and the traveller 'views' using actual traveller's responses.
Escapio's CEO Uwe Frers stated, “Escapio is happy to welcome YieldPlanet as the newest addition to its list of available channel managers.
Al respecto, Frers considera que dicha ciudad debiera ofrecer a sus habitantes servicios de calidad para toda la poblacion, un ambiente sano, viviendas dignas y suficientes, seguridad, parques, espacios deportivos y de recreacion, convivencia social intensa y fructifera, empleo digno y bien remunerado, atencion sanitaria completa y eficiente, educacion de calidad y acceso a la actividad cultural.
Frers gives his opinion on painters as diverse as Rembrandt and Dali, buildings from the Pyramids to the Escorial, and music from Beethoven to John Cage.