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FRESFuture Rapid Effect System (UK ground forces program)
FRESFinal Reserve Report (energy exploration)
FRESFederation of Recruitment and Employment Services (UK)
FRESFacilities and Real Estate Services (University of Pennsylvania)
FRESForest Range Environmental Study
FRESFellow of the Royal Entomological Society
FRESFlats Remote Encoding System (US Postal Service)
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There was no significant difference in FRES between the major and minor sites (p = 0.
Since FKGL was developed based on FRES, this project chose FRES as the primary measurement; although both FKGL and FRES have been checked.
Although the first Fres Scout demonstrators will be built in GD'S Spanish factories along with the vehicle hull, the rest--80%--will be constructed in South Wales, says GDUK.
Dr Sandy Wilson, president and managing director of General Dynamics, said: "We are delighted that Piranha V is the British army's choice for the FRES utility vehicle.
The FREs were also important in sending the potentially recoverable materiel back to the bigger RSYs, where they could be efficiently identified, processed, and shipped back to CONUS.
Adam made the call saying that David thought Fres deserved a shot at Prizefighter," said Hearn.
The FRES contract is a lot of what lays behind this, as well as delays to other programmes," he said.
BAE is hoping to secure the FRES Scout armoured vehicle contract and win a bid to refit the Warrior vehicles.
General Dynamics is also in the running for two more FRES contracts, both worth around pounds 6bn, which have yet to be awarded.
Two more FRES contracts which General Dynamics are also in the running for, both worth around pounds 6bn, have yet to be awarded.
Analysts say most of the spending in FRES would go for support and upgrades needed over the course of decades of service - the kind of value-added work BAE focuses on.